Cutting Training at Benihana 4

Agenda ・How to trim and cut Knuckle main muscle (Marushin) ・AboutKnuckleParts–Knuckle, Tri-tip, inside knuckle muscle, Knuckle main muscle and 
outside knuckle. ・Different methods of retail cuts ・About Fillet 
Gain/Achievement from the training Attended ・How to trim and cut Knuckle main muscle
>Trim fat and sinew on surface first then find a big chunk of fat on the side of the meat. This fat leads to the main sinew which is located inside of the meat. Find the first bit of sinew by cutting through the fat part then divide the meat slicing little by little with the control of the tip of the blade gently. You must always check if you follow the line of sinew all the time during this process. ・

Cutting Training at Benihana 3

Agenda ・Different cutting methods (Cutting into fine strips, small dicing, and thin slices ・How to trim sinew ・The reasons of using the sharp blade Gain/Achievement from the training Attended ・Cutting into thin slices >Place the blade on the surface of meat in parallel, then slice it little by little. The key to slicing even thickness is cutting all way through with the same speed. It is ideal to use single ground blade which is sharpened only one side to cut straight. Double ground blade is usually used for all purpose kitchen knife however it tends to cut unevenly when slicing. ・Importance of push and slide technique >The basic cutting method is always the same as “push and slide” te

Cutting Training at Benihana 2

Agenda ・ Professional behaviour during the lecture ・ How to trim Wagyu fillet ・ How to trim Wagyu rib eye ・ How to cut thin slices ・ Cutting sinews to experience its texture Gain/Achievement from the training Attended ・ The importance of professional behaviour >Participant must show respect to lecturer during sessions with a professional manner such as not using mobile phone and pay attention to lecturer. ・Before trimming Wagyu beef >Always cut the package open where there are more fats on the surface then you can avoid cutting the actual meat by accident. Some meats can bleed inside of package and this can come to the surface after opening so make sure to gently tap with a clean clo

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