Cutting Training at Benihana 10

Agenda ・How to prepare a half cattle of sirloin ・Practice of cutting into Yakiniku slices. Preparing a half cattle of the sirloin A half of sirloin without cutting into blocks is called usually “chained”. It is better than small blocks as you get less wastage when forming the meat. Before trimming the fat on the surface, it could be ideal to leave some fat for approximately 3 fingers width from the short rib side to reduce the ratio of wastage and the final shape still looks good as steak cuts. To make sure you leave the fat strip, lightly draw a line where you would divide then start trimming the rest of the fat including the back. After the trim, you can see where the sinew lays on the su

Cutting Training at Benihana 9

Agenda ・The difference of Chuck Roll parts ・How to trim Chuck Roll The difference of Chuck Roll parts There are mainly 3 different parts in Chuck Roll which are rib side, straight middle part and neck side. Neck side is the toughest part especially the bottom half is fibrous and less marbling so it is suitable for thin slices. On the other hand, rib side is the softest and it is great for steak cuts and barbecue cuts. Rib side is usually larger than other parts and you can sometimes see the rib eye on one side. Due to the size and shape of rib side, it might be slight harder to create the same steak cuts all the time and needed to plan how you would like to cut beforehand. The middle parts

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