Cutting Training at Benihana 20

Agenda ・Practice of trimming Sirloin ・Practice of retail cut Trimming Sirloin I find it quite hard to take off the triangle shaped block from the rump side everytime. advised by the Wagyu Master that it is easier to find the boader line between the block and the sinew from the side rather than the front. I am sure that more you get to know the meat where and how all part is located, you could process this much faster. Retail Cut with Sogi-giri (Shaving Cut) When making retail cuts, it is essencial to make all pieces in the similar size to keep the equalility to your guests or customers. Always plan ahead how much you could cut from one piece and how you can make them in the same size and s

Cutting Training at Benihana 19

Agenda ・How to clean Chuck Roll ・Gaining the knowledge of the structure of Chuck Roll Structure of Chuck Roll I was quite surprised that the Scottish Aberdeen-Angus chuck roll was much smaller than Japanese Wagyu chuck roll. This is due to their slaughtered age. Wagyu cows are usually slaughtered at between 25 – 27 months although Aberdeen-Angus cows are between 14 -16 months. However, thanks to the reasonable size, I found it easier to analyze the detail of each part clearly. The Neck side is usually slightly thinner than the rib side. This is because more muscles are woven and tighter towards the neck. It has tougher texture and is ideal for thin slices or shuddered. On the other hand,

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