Cutting Training at Benihana 12

Agenda ・Practice of preparing a half cattle of sirloin ・About differences of knives ・How to learn parts and cutting methods by yourself Preparing the sirloin This was the 3rd time to prepare the Australian chained sirloin. The hardest part for me is trimming the main sinews on the surface. After removing the sinew, the surface of the sirloin is not always smooth because the blade goes into the meat slightly every time when I stop to check when I cut and restart trimming again. It is probably time to trim it through as much as I can without checking it so often and remember to pull the sinew in parallel all the time. Different lengths of knives Mr Suzuki firstly recommended me to use the

Cutting Training at Benihana 11

Agenda ・How to prepare a half cattle of sirloin ・Practice of cutting into Yakiniku slices. Practice of preparing a half cattle of the sirloin Following last week, I had an opportunity to learn how to prepare chained sirloin. During this training, I was advised: 1. Remember to reduce the meat drips to minimum on the chopping board when removing the plastic packaging. It is ideal to put a bin next to you to dispose it quickly. 2. It is easier and much safer to use a cloth to move a big piece of meat rather than using a knife. Using a knife in this stage increase a risk of cutting yourself and others. 3. After trimming the fat on the surface, there are two pieces which do not belong to sirl

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