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Cutting Training at Benihana 15


・How to use commercial meat slicer machine

・How to display sliced beef for retail

・How to clean commercial meat slicer machine

How to use commercial meat slicer machine

Before using the machine, make sure that the switch is off and the nob for adjusting blade is on zero. After placing a meat, decide which thickness you would like to slice with the knob. You might need to try couples slice to see the thickness first. Even though the thickness is the same number on the knob, the outcome will be slightly different depending on the status of the meat. After a few slices, you will get a nice and clean surface to create perfect slices with the equal thickness all way thorough.

If you need to slice a huge quantity, it is ideal to do the process with another person to assist you in placing the sliced meat on trays. Also never use your hand on the meat to put pressure, always use the handle and always remember to push the off button when you do not use it.

How to display sliced beef for retail

The key point for the beautiful display is that the lean side and the fat side always face the same way. If you would like to put the second pile of the meat on top of the first one, it would be ideal to use small greaseproof papers between the layers to avoid sticking each other.

How to clean commercial meat slicer machine

Before cleaning, make sure that the main switch is off. Wipe the surface of the machine with a wet cloth first, then take the parts apart to wash them individually. After rinsing the blade, put it straight back on the machine with the cover to avoid any incident to yourself and others.

Using the commercial meat slicer for nearly first time, I found it slightly difficult to line up the sliced meats by myself. It takes more time and more patient. It was good to see how much off cuts were left after slicing then we can use the number for the future reference.

Lectured by Meat Master / Executive Chef at Benihana UK -Mr Toshio Suzuki

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