Cutting Training at Benihana 18

Agenda ・Practice of making Yakiniku (thin BBQ) slice and Saving cut Practice of Yakiniku cut It has been a long time to practice this method. I still have a difficulty to use the whole length of the knife when using the push and slide technique. I obviously need to repeat this training until my body gets use to it. Also, during this training I tried to be careful the way of making Yakiniku slices. To gives the final slices to the softest texture, it is important to knife vertically against the directions of muscle fibres. It breaks off muscle and sinew and creates less chewy slices. You can easily experience the difference of textures by using the same meat with different cutting methods.

Cutting Training at Benihana 17

Agenda ・Practice of trimming ribeye Practice of trimming Ribeye The shape of rib eye is quite similar to sirloin as they are next each other. Ribeye could be divided in 3 small parts: Maki which is wrapped over ribeye roll, Mimi (Enpitsu) which has small triangle shaped looks like a tip of pencil next to ribeye roll and Ribeye roll which is the main body of ribeye. Maki is softest and tastiest part in ribeye however due to its small size and flat shape, it is often sliced with the rest of the parts as one steak slice. The rimming is straight forward but you need to remember there is a tough sinew between Maki and Ribeye roll. If you would like to slice the ribeye for one large steak cut, yo

Cutting Training at Benihana 16

Agenda ・Practice of trimming chained sirloin ・How to calculate the wastage Practice of trimming chained sirloin It has been nearly for one month since last time I have practiced the trimming. It was hard at the start to remember how to do it however eventually the procedure came back to my memory again. Mr Suzuki prepared 2 chained sirloins for me, and it was definitely better to repeat the process twice to challenge the trimming speed. I always have found it difficult to remove the triangle shape meat on the Rump side as the connective tissue is hidden inside of the main meat. However, at this time I managed to find the tissue easier than the previous trainings by studying the meat and

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