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Cutting Training at Benihana 14

Agenda ・Practice of cleaning fillet ・How to prepare Chuck Roll to steak cuts

How to prepare Chuck Roll to steak cuts with tough part Chuck Roll is usually divided into the chuck side and the neck side. The chuck side is softer and easier to make proportions for steak cuts. On the other hand, the neck side is tougher and usually it is ideal for Shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki with thin slices. However at today’s lesson, the Wagyu master Mr Suzuki taught me how to make steak cuts from the neck side.

1. Slice it thinly and place it carefully on the tray approx. 8 – 10 slices depending on how big you would like to get.

2. Place the slices without any gap in a straight line one by one on a cling film. You can pile them up closer to each other if you would like to get bigger round pieces as a result.

3. Roll them carefully with using the cling film.

4. Once you finish rolling, twist one side of the cling film to tighten the rolled part then twist the other side to make it


5. Put it in fridge or freezer to set it in a solid form. Freezing is ideal as it gets harder and easier

to slice later on when it is half defrost.

The texture is much softer than eating it normally and I believe this is the best way to deal with tougher part of meat. I believe it would be interesting to use this method with any tough part of non-Wagyu beef and put some Wagyu fat in the middle before rolling to enhance its flavour.

Lectured by Meat Master / Executive Chef at Benihana UK -Mr Toshio Suzuki

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