Cutting Training at Benihana 8

Agenda ・Trimming fillets ・Portioning filets to steak cuts Practice of trimming Wagyu fillet The most difficult part of this training was finding the right fat and sinew from the entire piece. It can be trimmed from anywhere but it may cause more loss if you do not process it right. Firstly take the fat on the surface to see where the sinew goes, then carefully take off the sinew with using the tip of the knife. The tip of the fillet needs to be separated following the thick sinew around it as that is actually not the fillet part. The final piece can look nearly three separated pieces and can be separated if needed. The total weight of wastage was 1.2 kg out of 3.8 kg which means approxim

Cutting Training at Benihana 7

Agenda ・How to remove big pieces of sinew ・About Sakudori / Sectioning ・Practice of using Gyuto Gain / Achievement from the training attended ・How to remove big pieces of sinew In this method, you can trim off a big piece of sinew which wraps the surface. The key of this training is how to use and control the tip of the blade. Firstly place the tip of blade underneath of the edge of the sinew then slide it off to get a lose piece to be held by your left hand. Use the tip of blade to take them apart but always keep it as close to the surface of the meat to get the minimum amount of the meat to be cut off. Always keep checking where you cut by lifting up the sinew to see the actual

Cutting Training at Benihana 6

Agenda ・How to display the meat for events ・About Sogigiri / Shaving cut ・Practice of shaving cut ・Practice of trimming the sinew Gain / Achievement from the training attended ・The presentation of Sogigiri / Shaving cut All slices needs to be same size and cut for the beautiful presentation. ・Practice of shaving cut I find it quite difficult to create the same shape every time even with softer meat. However I also found that keeping the blade steady and straight with using the whole length help it to slice smother. ・Practice of trimming sinew After several practices, I get to know how the knife works and use less pressure on my shoulders. More confident and relaxed but right posture

Cutting Training at Benihana 5

Agenda ・How to use Gyuto knife ・Practicing how to cut fat and sinew ・Practicing how to shaving cut ・How to choose a chopping board ・About Gyuto knife >It is a Japanese designed knife and suitable for steak cuts and slicing larger pieces. This was much bigger and heavier than the one what I usually use, so the firmer grip is the key to hand well this knife. The Gyuto was the single ground blade to increase its sharpness and cut meats straight. ・Cutting fat and sinew with Gyuto >You need more physical efforts to use Gyoto due to its size and weight, however using the whole blade from top to bottom with the motion of push and pull steadily helps to cut meat easier. ・Practice of shaving c

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