Authentic Japanese Wagyu Beef is all about texture. Quality of Wagyu is such that fat is woven finely like a net throughout the muscle. This is called "marbling." It gives a tender texture that feels like each bite is melting in your mouth. You can trace the pedigree information by the ID number on National Livestock Breeding Centre.


Kobe Beef is difficult to make because of its high standards in its criteria for certification. Professionals believed that their cattle will pass as Kobe Beef bringing them to slaughterhouses, but once slaughtered, 45% were not certified. Thus, projecting a distribution volume of only 0.06% in JapanIn a month, approximately only 70 cows are being exported as Kobe Beef causing a limitation in the supply. The authorised carcass as “Kobe Beef” is to be pushed the above shaped stamp on four places. “Kobe Beef Certificate of Authenticity” will be issued for each carcass. You can trace the pedigree information by the ID number on Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association.