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Cutting Training at Benihana 21

Agenda ・Practice of trimming Fillet

・Practice of BBQ cut

Trimming Fillet

It has been a long while since I had trimmed this part last time. It was a bit hard to remember how to do it. After the training, I checked my previous report about the fillet and realised that I forgot to remove the tip of the fillet. I will definitely need to bring the previous reports to the training to remember the procedure.

Practicing BBQ cut I am yet leaning how to do Push and Slide technic. To create the better result especially the clean edge around the meat, I need to remember to use the whole blade with the pinch and slide motion. It is also important to slide the meat off from the brade with the 45 degree angle when removing it.

Lectured by Meat Master / Executive Chef at Benihana UK -Mr Toshio Suzuki

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