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Gyuto - Training at Benihana

Lecturer Wagyu Master / Executive Chef – Mr Toshio Suzuki

Participant Tajimaya UK – Maddy


  • Practice of trimming Sirloin

  • Lecture of Gyuto

About Gyuto

Gyuto literally means Beef-Sword in Japanese and has more variety for length between 21cm – 30cm. This chef’s knife is ultmate utility for many uses in the kitchen, however it is useful to know the purposes depensing on sizes. Longer one is usualy used to cut larger blocks with powerful back and forth movement and shoter Gyuto improves its speed when choppig.

Difference between Steel and Stainless Steel

Steel is called Hagane in Japan and the same material with Japanese Samurai sword. There are still some specialist blacksmith that use the same method to make these knives which is used to make the samurai swords. Although the cutting quality is much sharper than stainless steel, it needs regular maintanance which is shapening and drying propery to avoid rusting on the blade. Stainless Steel also needs the same care but does not get rusty easily so it is ideal for daily use.

Tips: When you purchase new knife at profecional knife shop, you can ask them to sharpen it how you would like the blade to be from double or single bevel.

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