Cutting Training at Benihana 14

Agenda ・Practice of cleaning fillet ・How to prepare Chuck Roll to steak cuts How to prepare Chuck Roll to steak cuts with tough part Chuck Roll is usually divided into the chuck side and the neck side. The chuck side is softer and easier to make proportions for steak cuts. On the other hand, the neck side is tougher and usually it is ideal for Shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki with thin slices. However at today’s lesson, the Wagyu master Mr Suzuki taught me how to make steak cuts from the neck side. 1. Slice it thinly and place it carefully on the tray approx. 8 – 10 slices depending on how big you would like to get. 2. Place the slices without any gap in a straight line one by one on a cling film

Cutting Training at Benihana 13

Agenda ・How to sharpen Japanese knife ・Practice of cleaning fillet How to sharpen Japanese knife There are mainly 3 different types of Whetstones which are Arato (Rough Grit Whetstone) , Nakato (Medium Grit Whetstone) and Shiageto Fine Grit Whetstone. This time I used a double sided of Arato and Nakato Whetstone. 1. Wash knife to remove any grease and wet Whetstone for sharpening. Sometime it is better to soak it in water for a few minutes. 2. Make sure to place Whetstone on flat surface with wet cloth underneath to keep it steady. 3. Check condition of both edges of the blade to make sure which side is flat and angled (or both angled). 4. Coase with Arato and Nakato - Stroke blade up

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