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Cutting Training at Benihana 4


・How to trim and cut Knuckle main muscle (Marushin) 

・AboutKnuckleParts–Knuckle, Tri-tip, inside knuckle muscle, Knuckle main muscle and 
outside knuckle. 

・Different methods of retail cuts 

・About Fillet 
Gain/Achievement from the training Attended

・How to trim and cut Knuckle main muscle
>Trim fat and sinew on surface first then find a big chunk of fat on the side of the meat. This fat leads to the main sinew which is located inside of the meat. Find the first bit of sinew by cutting through the fat part then divide the meat slicing little by little with the control of the tip of the blade gently. You must always check if you follow the line of sinew all the time during this process.

・Knuckle Parts – Knuckle (main body), Tri-tip (Tomo sankaku), inside knuckle muscle 
(Maru kawa), Knuckle main muscle (Marushin) and outside knuckle (Kame no ko) >Knuckle main muscle is much tougher than other parts of Knuckle. Tri-tip contains the most wagyu butter within the part.
l Retail Cuts
>Knuckle mail muscle can be divided by mainly 2 parts and it has different marbling on each block. You need to check carefully which side contains more marbling and change the method of cutting depending on the marbling ratio. Steak cut is more suitable to be made from higher marbling side and it is ideal to make thin slices from less marbling side for BBQ, Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu.

l Fillet 
Chateaubriand is known as the prime cut of fillet however the part closer to neck has higher marbling and richer flavour in fact. 

Lectured by Meat Master / Executive Chef at Benihana UK -Mr Toshio Suzuki

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