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Cutting Training at Benihana 2

Agenda ・ Professional behaviour during the lecture ・ How to trim Wagyu fillet ・ How to trim Wagyu rib eye ・ How to cut thin slices ・ Cutting sinews to experience its texture

Gain/Achievement from the training Attended ・ The importance of professional behaviour >Participant must show respect to lecturer during sessions with a professional manner such as not using mobile phone and pay attention to lecturer.

・Before trimming Wagyu beef >Always cut the package open where there are more fats on the surface then you can avoid cutting the actual meat by accident. Some meats can bleed inside of package and this can come to the surface after opening so make sure to gently tap with a clean cloth to absorb the moisture. You must not touch the meat so often during this process. It damages and gives more heat to the meat. Especially Wagyu beef usually starts tenderising with the room temperatures so it is best to avoid handling the meat too much.

・During trimming >Separate fat and sinew on different trays to use them in different cooking methods. Sinew is great for soup stock. Even the Wagyu is boneless, it may contain a few pieces of cartridge on the surface so make sure to get rid of them especially on the back. ・After trimming >When trimming larger pieces of meat, it can be cut down to separate pieces following sinews In this case, it is better to remould the shape with cling film then put in the fridge until it gets firm again and easier to cut. ・Cutting sinews to pieces can be hard but it is good practice to feel its texture. The Push

and slide cutting technique with using from the top to the bottom of the blade is very important for this.

Lectured by Meat Master / Executive Chef at Benihana UK -Mr Toshio Suzuki

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