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Cutting Training at Benihana 3

Agenda ・Different cutting methods (Cutting into fine strips, small dicing, and thin slices

・How to trim sinew ・The reasons of using the sharp blade

Gain/Achievement from the training Attended ・Cutting into thin slices >Place the blade on the surface of meat in parallel, then slice it little by little. The key to slicing even thickness is cutting all way through with the same speed. It is ideal to use single ground blade which is sharpened only one side to cut straight. Double ground blade is usually used for all purpose kitchen knife however it tends to cut unevenly when slicing. ・Importance of push and slide technique >The basic cutting method is always the same as “push and slide” technique. You must always remember to finish firmly near the handle of the blade. This is especially useful for cutting tough part such as sinew. This method creates clean cut on surface and around edges. To gain this skill gives you a confidence of cutting meat into any shapes successfully. ・Sogigiri / Shaving Cut >Sogigiri is one of Japanese popular cutting skills. It creates thinner slices and great for decorating dishes. Hold your knife diagonally which is almost laid on its side, then slice. It is ideal to use this skill to the size which is not bigger than your fist. For bigger pieces, it is suitable to cut in thin slices in parallel as usual. ・Several reasons to use the sharp blades. >Smooth cuts have the least surface area for bacteria to develop upon. Being unprepared and having poor equipment can lead to longer prep time and lower quality of the final product such as uneven surface. It also loses meat juice during the process then affect the flavour.

Lectured by Meat Master / Executive Chef at Benihana UK -Mr Toshio Suzuki

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