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Cutting Training at Benihana 1

Agenda ・ Introduction of health and safety ・ How to hold the knife and the posture when cutting  How to use the knife ・ Cutting off sinews from the body part ・ Cleaning process

Gain/Achievement from the training Attended ・ The importance of organizing the food prep area >Organizing your prep area is important to help to prevent injuries and cross contamination to the meat. Wiping the knife and the work top regularly also makes easier to work efficiently. Leaving any off cuts on those surfaces can be confusing and bad for productivity. ・ How to hold the knife and the posture >Always hold the knife firmly and only use the other hand to touch the meat. This keeps the knife handle clean and dry and prevents slipping from your hand. Your legs are the front - back position which means strong – hand side legs is behind of the other leg. Do not face the work top in parallel completely which makes you more tired quickly. The best posture of the arms is that you make a triangle between your body and arms. This also eases the stress on your back. ・ Whencuttingthemeat,youshouldnotputtheotherhandinfrontoftheknifeandalways

place the hand behind the cutting edge of the knife. >This causes the serious danger of cutting your hand when slipping the knife by accident.

  • Push forward from near the tip of the knife then slide to the middle of the knife when


  • When handling the knife always ensure the blade is facing away to prevent injuries to

yourself and others.

Lectured by Meat Master / Executive Chef at Benihana UK -Mr Toshio Suzuki

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