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Fuji Wagyu Cross tallow.

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It's suitable for croquettes and dumplings, fried rice. The umami flavour condensed in Wagyu fat spreads in your mouth and gives you great taste sensation.


The first cross of Japanese Wagyu finally arrives in the UK!

This new produce is referred to as F1 which is a hybrid of our 100% full-blood Japanese Wagyu cattle and Holstein cattle. You retain the excellent quality and flavour at an affordable price.


Taste of Fuji Wagyu Cross

Kobe is surely the king of beef, Japanese Wagyu comes in 2nd, Fuji Wagyu Crossed is just below Japanese Wagyu. It has a less marbling pattern compare to Wagyu. However it has a full flavor of Wagyu and soft texture of lean meat, it’s perfect for steak.


Frozen only
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Fuji Wagyu Cross Tallow

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