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Introducing Himawari Wagyu Beef, a culinary masterpiece that combines the finest Japanese tradition with the epitome of beef indulgence. This exquisite beef hails from the lush pastures and careful craftsmanship of Japan, where Wagyu cattle are raised with utmost devotion to quality and flavor. Himawari, which means "sunflower" in Japanese, aptly represents the radiant and unparalleled essence of this premium Wagyu beef.


Himawari Wagyu Beef represents the pinnacle of beef excellence, a testament to the dedication of Japanese ranchers and the embodiment of unparalleled taste and tenderness. Elevate your dining experience and embrace the culinary artistry of Himawari Wagyu Beef today. Indulge in a taste that transcends ordinary beef, a taste that truly shines like the sunflower.


Frozen only


All pictures used are provided for illustrative purposes only.

Whole Himawari Wagyu Ribeye (£150/kg)

  • If you are not satisfied with your order, or in the event that any of your products are damaged or faulty please email us immediately at

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  • Once received, keep refrigerated and use within five days.

    Not suitable for home freezing. (if it's fully defrosted)

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